If you already use a good tool to do screen captures, you can pretty much ignore this and checkout this good alternative

Gadwin Printscreen

As with all the emphasis on knowledge sharing and stuff. I have been trying to put all the important items into shared documents/wiki on sharepoint for Horizon.

And one of first frustating points about this is being forced to type lot’s of text. I hate typing lots of text/more than being forced to go through it. I naturally prefer screen shots (with the belief a picture’s worth a thousand words). Which in turn made me realize how basic the windows PrintScreen button is.

After a bit of research I came across this nice tool

Gadwin Printscreen** 4.3** which lets you take screen shots of

  • Whole Screen
  • Active WIndow
  • A Custom Square…
  • Save them to a pre-determined location…
  • Open them up for preview

All at a touch of a button with little initial configuration. Give it a go.. it’s very neat…

I’ve downloaded it and placed in H:\eBusiness Team\Software\Screen Capture\PrintScreen43_Setup.exe

check it out..

Kishore Chintoju

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