Well well… Between a long dinner with friends and late night cricket match.. I was able to squeez in an hour to give eBoostr a whirl ..

I used a San Disk 4 GB U3 Cruiser (‘Windows Readyboost Ready’ USB dongle from OfficeWorks). I allocated all the 4GB for caching file.

  1. It significaly speeds up switching between applications when you have multiple applications running. I had Eclipse, Visual Studio, Firefox, Photoshop open at the same time and switching was pretty fast, under 1 sec if I had to be specific. But this is no real test as I had them open for only half an hour.

  2. It had this nice cache viewer, which revealed all the files being cached and you can exclude certain files like MP3 and stuff from being cached. That was nice and I could see that half my cache is filled with current files being indexed by ‘Windows Search’ plugin.. crap.

I will probably put it through the grind this weekend and come up with more info on this.

Kishore Chintoju

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