Have you ever had to work on a live site and while uploading the changes something goes bad with whatever and your live copy gets deleted and that’s the only copy you have at the moment. (This can happen easily if you are using those file manager tools provided by hosting accounts which edit files in browser)

Anyway the quickest solution would be to get the files from the browser cache. If you have been testing the site simultaneously. I had to do this recently and it saved me lot of time and embarrassment. So here is how you can do it ….

On Firefox 3 (My favourite browser)

Type about:cache in address bar and voila you get access to all the cache. The view is functional and easy to use.

On Opera 9.5(Increasingly competing for my favourite browser spot, can even do that with one plugin like Firebug)

Type opera:cache in address bar and voila you go.. the best cache browser in the industry. Opera has some more cool features like SpeedDial.. anyway you can discover all that yourself by downloading it.

On IE 7. This takes just a bit longer. Click on Tools>Internet Options>Browsing History>Settings>View Files.. pretty logical huh!

Anyway it does the job…

Kishore Chintoju

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