There is a cheap trick being played by one of those social networking sites ( ,, Siliconindia etc.), which has even managed to avoid the very good spam filter google has in gmail.  They use different pictures of girls (mostly good looking), different from addresses. Opt out does nothing, and both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ take you to the same page.

I tried opting out and even the powerful Spam button, some improvement… but no, not a full solution.

So this week when I saw the one more spam email from them, I had enough. I Just decided to put a ban on emails from this domain to my inbox using a simple filter. This is very simple in Gmail. But I’m pretty sure all the other mail providers have the same kind of facilities.

Step 1 - Create a filter

Step 2 - Enter your filter criteria, Make sure to delete ‘From email address’, so the filter is effective. In my case I just said stop anything from this site coming to me. I had enough of them.

Click on test search at the end to see if this working cool and then click ‘Next Step’

**Step 3 - **Then click Create Filter. Voila you are done. You will never see one more evil email like this. But as the spammers evolve we need to evolve too..

Kishore Chintoju

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