If you are having issues connecting to your subversion repositories from Eclipse (May be with Subversive/Subclipse). Try the following.

Enter proxy details into Subversion configuration:

Open servers file in the following location

Window XP

C:\Documents and Settings\MyUserId\Application Data\Subversion\**servers**

Windows Vista


Update following lines at the end of file

http-proxy-exceptions = yourproxy exceptions (e.g. dev.company.com.au)
http-proxy-host = yourproxyhost (e.g. proxy.company.com.au)
http-proxy-port = your proxy port (e.g. 8080)
http-proxy-username = proxyusername
http-proxy-password = proxypassword

_This step might not be needed all the time _

Update Eclipse Proxy settings

Windows > Preferences

Type ‘proxy’ in the filter text box. Go to ‘Network Connections’ config page. Choose manual proxy configuration and Update the proxy details.

Kishore Chintoju

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